Axel + Helen’s Boston Esplanade Engagement

Axel + Helen’s Boston Esplanade Engagement

The last two weeks have been BUSY. I know you’re all feeling it – Spring is finally here in Boston! For photographers in New England, this means the start of our busy season. In the last week I’ve had 5 shoots! So today is a couch taco day – which gives me time to focus first on Axel & Helen and their Boston Esplanade engagement session.

We started on Boylston St for some city shots. I arrived a few minutes early which helped me come up with the shot on the lower left with the Prudential Center in the back. The evening light was amazing and these two were beyond awesome. Helen started with some nerves, but they quickly disappeared thanks to the help of Axel, her hilarious fiancé, and her goofy photographer. This turned out to be one of my all-time favorite and best Boston engagement sessions.

Axel & Helen – thank you for such a fun night. You two are a breeze to photograph. You enjoy and balance each other so much, it was a joy to watch you together and I cannot wait for your 9OFS wedding next summer!!!

Jon & Courtney’s Boston Public Garden Engagement

Jon & Courtney’s Boston Public Garden Engagement

You know that moment when you say hello to someone, and immediately say something slightly inappropriate (like apologizing b/c you’re sure you smell after an afternoon at the beach?). And you hold your breath and wait to see what happens next…they laugh and reply with, “we probably do too!” And you know they’re “you’re people.”

So that’s how we started Jon & Courtney’s Boston Public Garden engagement session. Stinkiness and apologies aside (I hope I didn’t really smell guys!), the rest of the afternoon was pretty much laughter and photo magic. We strolled around the public gardens, made a stop at my “secret” spot for an outfit change…or two!, caught the beautiful late afternoon light and explored a few areas outside the gardens.

Courtney totally busted me and found one of the “marks” (see tape above) I leave around the city for perfect engagement session-ing. Juuuust kidding! But it was there so why not use it!?

And how adorable are they –

And because soft beautiful sun flare through the trees complements a bride’s smile beautifully –

Shot during outfit change #2 –

Gorgeous gorgeous Courtney –

And the grande finale, after the self-proclaimed photobomber dad cleared the scene. C&J, your session was so much fun and now I’m a little sad that your Tower Hill wedding is still 15 months away!

Andy & Anna’s Charlestown Engagement Pictures

Andy & Anna’s Charlestown Engagement Pictures

I’m happy to feature Anna & Andy’s beautiful Charlestown engagement session today! Anna and I immediately clicked when we first started talking about their wedding at Labelle Winery in Amherst NH. And it was just the same with Andy as well! So to say this was a fun, easy session is an understatement – these two are awesome, and I’m so excited for their wedding!

We started the Bunker Hill monument, drank in the beautiful view of the Zakim and thenmeandered through the streets of Charlestown, where Andy lived when he and Anna first started dating. These streets hold fond memories for them, and also made an amazing backdrop for their pictures. I’m a sucker for old brick and beautiful doorways, so we found a lot to work with there.

We started with ominous grey skies and left with sun and white puffy clouds. Fingers crossed for the same weather on their wedding day this fall!