Kelli & Ryan’s Bedford Village Inn Wedding

Kelli & Ryan’s Bedford Village Inn Wedding

Our fall wedding season ended with this. We are lucky, lucky photogs.

Gorgeous light, a beautiful venue, and most important, a sweet, funny, in-love-since-high-school couple most excited to celebrate this monumental day with their favorite people.

Ben and I have been to a wedding at Bedford Village Inn as guests, but this was our first time photographing there. With all new venues, we do our homework before and have game plans ready for sun, clouds and rain. We’re always prepared on the wedding day.

Kelli & Ryan met and fell in love in high school. They have the sweetest love story that made my cry during the initial consult. I am SUPER emotional and love love stories most of all, but I can typically keep it together during the first meeting. Not this one. First time crying during a consult. Aaaand I teared up within 15 minutes of photographing their preparation when the mamas showed me the gifts they received from Kelli – custom-engraved bracelets with the sweetest “we love our moms” messages.

Her engraved gift to Ryan was a bit more direct. 🙂

These two had one of the nicest days of the fall, with warm sun that the ladies actually had their makeup with Mollie Brown Makeup outside on the deck! Finally time for Kelli to put on her STUNNING long-sleeve Maggie Sottero lace gown from Kleinfeld.

Ryan & Kelli’s private first look on the back patio at Bedford Village Inn. Just the two of them. Ryan’s got that always-smiling charm and so much love for his girl.

This group was the best. This is the kind of group that gets along so well and just has fun. Looking through their pictures, I always feel like I must be super funny. Everyone’s laughing (for real) and having a good time. But I think it didn’t have that much to do with me. At least this time. 😉

Kelli was going for a “Historic/Rustic” theme to compliment their wedding venue selection, and the bouquets and gowns nailed it. Flowers by PJs Flowers in Bedford NH.

Kelli borrowed pins from her grandmothers for her something borrowed, something old and something blue.

The light was literally perfect for their portraits. After we finished up, we headed inside so Kelli’s mom and sis could put in her cathedral-length veil. Meanwhile, Ben was outside capturing guests arriving. And he spotted…a unicorn?!

Inspiration can strike at the oddest moments. Heading downstairs with Kelli, we passed by a friend’s room who happened to have the COOLEST floral wallpaper. Furniture moved, room borrowed, instant bridal portrait thanks to bounced flash.

The outdoor ceremony space at Bedford Village Inn is nestled between the buildings with bistro lights and plants galore. It felt like a secret garden. They got married just as the sun started setting, and it got dark quick. We set up flashes prior to the ceremony so we’d be ready from the switch from soft natural light to darkness.

First kiss with the moon in the distance! If I could insert the lovey-eyes emoji right here, I would.

I’m pretty sure Kelli was most excited about the Kane’s donuts. Ok, maybe they came second to Ryan, but it was a close second. Here’s her first look at the donut boards! Again, insert lovey-eyes emoji.

Ryan’s best man was his cousin Devin. He gave a hilarious toast…but sorry Devin, your thunder was stolen real quick. Staci, Kelli’s sister, wrote & performed a rap to Salt-N-Pepa, complete with that a mic drop that DJ KevMac wasn’t too thrilled about. Everyone was off their seats at the end, it was INSANE. Someone please post a link to a video in the comments below. I need to see it again. Insane.

That moment when you finally realize how amazing the donuts are.

Kelli’s my kind of girl. Second dress on, donut in one hand, wine glass in the other. Their dance floor was insane. Such a fun party.

Congratulations K+R. We loved celebrating with you!

Wedding Venue: Bedford Village Inn

Officiant: Terry Martinson

DJ: Kev Mack

Florist: PJs Flowers

Gown: Maggie Sottero via Kleinfeld Bridal

Cake Artist: none. Kane’s Donuts instead!

Makeup Artist: Mollie Brown

Hair Stylist: Luxe Salon at BVI

Invitations: Minted

Greg + Erin’s Western MA Backyard Tent Wedding

Greg + Erin’s Western MA Backyard Tent Wedding

Today is for Greg & Erin.

They planned a backyard wedding in Athol MA, where Greg grew up. Erin put SO much planning into the tent. Backyard weddings can be a lot of work. There’s so much coordination that has to happen, from the caterers to the tent to the napkins, chairs, bar. You name it. That doesn’t even begin to get into decor. Erin did it all. She had a vision that she would tell me about, as it evolved, over the year+ she spent planning. It was beautiful. I could picture it completely, and I loved it. She was so nervous to see if it would all come together the way she envisioned. Greg is her rock, and I’m sure talked her through it all countless times throughout the process.

The morning before their wedding, I get a simple but vague email from Erin that said that there was a “change of plans” with the tent, but that hopefully everything should work out ok.

I learned that what the email actually meant was that the rental company had completely bailed the day before their wedding. Meaning none of the rentals they paid for would be delivered. All at the default of the rental company. I cannot even imagine what that day must have been like. Their family & friends rallied around them to figure it out. Moms hopped on the phone, Dads called in favors, their wedding party was there for whatever they needed. They say it takes a village to raise a child (which it definitely does!), and in this case, their village moved mountains to re-plan a wedding within 12 hours. Thanks to the help of THESE INCREDIBLE RENTAL COMPANIES, they recreated everything she had put a year into planning.

Tents and benches, chairs & a handmade (day-before!) bar, tables, heating lamps, you name it. DONE. They did it. Erin told me the day of her wedding that she couldn’t even look at the tent. She hoped I’d be able to “make it look good” because she couldn’t bear to look. Her efforts, and the stress, and their hopes were all wrapped up in one.

Greg & Erin were relaxed and happy on their wedding day, focused on what the day was really about: marrying each other, best friends. The chaos of the day before brought a sweet calm to the wedding day. And it was magical. 100% magical, from start to finish. You’d never have known there were any troubles. AT ALL.

Erin, I hope you look at these pictures and see more than you ever hoped for. You deserve it, beautiful lady. The day was beyond incredible.

The day started at The Colonial Hotel in North Central Mass…I’m going to breeze through the preparations because I need to get you outside.

Photography was really important to both Erin & Greg, and when Greg mentioned Clamber Hill Inn as an option for portraits, it was an easy YES. You’ll see why. So these were my very first portraits of the day. The are so cute together, and make each other laugh A LOT. These pictures basically set the tone for the day…also, how gorgeous are they?

Real life Barbie & Ken.

Epic photo-bomb, orchestrated by the Inn’s owner!

Erin & Greg dreamt of a backyard wedding…but they didn’t have the backyard for it! So they called in a favor to their friends at Ellinwood Golf Club to borrow theirs.

Greg was adorable, and alternated from tears to laughs throughout the ceremony and reception. I loved the emotion, it was so sweet and loving and appreciative.

Lol…the longer I look at his nose, wedged up in her eye, the harder I laugh.

Erin & Greg met at Ellinwood Golf Club where he was a member and she was the beer girl. SO cute!

Thinking about the day before, you’d just never know. Never. It was one of the most beautiful tent weddings we’ve ever photographed.

Even the bathroom signs are cute!

The day was so fun, and so joy-filled. It felt like a day spent celebrating with friends. Congrats E+G, we love you guys!

Fanny + Andrew’s Tower Hill Botanic Garden Wedding

Fanny + Andrew’s Tower Hill Botanic Garden Wedding

Fanny & Andrew had a fairytale wedding day at Tower Hill Botanic Garden two weeks ago. I don’t even know where to begin. Fanny’s planning was perfection – bright and floral and minimalist, from her venue selection to all of the details that came together beautifully that day.

They started at our favorite hotel in Worcester, the refined Beechwood Hotel, for their wedding preparations and room block. Hair & Makeup by Doll Face Duo was finishing up early as we arrived. I loved the natural yet glowing look, one that would last all day thanks to their Air-brushed makeup techniques (we 100% recommend airbrush for the wedding day!).

I’m obsessed with Fanny’s bag from Anthropologie.

I can’t decide who’s reaction I love more!

Fanny may have had some pre-wedding jitters, but spending the time with Andy and soaking in the beauty of Tower Hill visibly relaxed her. We started with just the two of them in the orchards at THBG, and continued to the Secret Garden before meeting family & wedding party on the Big Lawn for portraits.

Ok, stop it with the cuteness. This happened completely organically. And I love that Fanny & Andrew are in the distance (top left)…

Fanny’s nieces & nephews mean the world to her. She took time to help them all get dressed before the wedding, and gave them all special roles during the ceremony on the Big Lawn – ring bearers, flower girls and ribbon wand attendants!

In nod to Swedish tradition, Fanny & Andrew met at the end of the aisle and walked together, as equals, to be married.

These two wanted to spend as much time with the people they loved as possible, so we planned some casual portraits on the walk to cocktail hour in the Winter Garden, and then they headed in to celebrate with friends & family. Capers catered the event, and had apps galore and the best signature drinks…they even made me a nonalcoholic version that was AHHHmazing.

The Orangerie was elegantly simple, ready for guests with white chairs, table linens, and place settings, and beautifully-organic floral centerpieces. I couldn’t get enough of the flowers.

The night went by so quickly, starting with the elegantly-choreographed first dance (they nailed it!), toasts, and dancing to the talented Night Rhythm Band to close out the night. Here’s a glimpse of the night they’ll never forget with guests who traveled far & wide to celebrate with these two.


Venue: Tower Hill Botanic Gardens

Catering: Capers Catering

Band: Night Rhythm

Cake Artist: Bean Counter

Wedding Gown: Madeleine’s Daughter

Hair & Makeup: Doll Face Duo

Bonnie & Marc’s Vow Renewal at Tower Hill

Bonnie & Marc’s Vow Renewal at Tower Hill

My love for Tower Hill Botanic Garden has crossed over to obsession. Its just magical. I feel good when I’m there, and I’m pretty sure that’s a universal feeling. My last visit to Tower Hill was for Marc & Bonnie’s wedding vow renewal and celebration. They have been married for 35 years…together since high school, they’ve been through it all together – international moves, the military, children. Through the ups and downs.

They chose to celebrate the life they built together, and the love they still share for one another in a place that brings them so much joy. So with their family and friends, they renewed their promises to one another and celebrated in the beautiful turtle garden and Orangerie. Many of their guests remarked to me that they had been witness to their marriage 35 years ago, and were so happy to celebrate their relationship again now. To Bonnie & Marc…

Kristin & Jimmy’s Peirce Farm Wedding in Topsfield MA

Kristin & Jimmy’s Peirce Farm Wedding in Topsfield MA

The owners of Peirce Farm at Witch Hill invited Ben and I up for a tour of their newly-renovated property last summer. They & their historic estate farm wedding venue in Topsfield MA are so lovely that we agreed as we left that we needed to photograph a wedding there asap. Not two weeks later, Kristin & Jimmy vibrantly entered our lives with laughs and hugs and excitement. It was love at first sight.


I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see these two on their wedding day. We got up there early to capture the character of the farm before heading in to meet with them. Ben and Amy were the videographers for the day, so Ben started with drone footage for their wedding film…which means I also get aerial pictures. Woot!

I can’t begin to tell you how fab Kristin & Jimmy are. They are unique shining stars with exuberant personalities and hearts big with love. They shower their favorite people with love, and have a cult following in return. Present company included. I’m a fangirl, groupie, smitten kitten.

This day was one of the happiest, most loving, fun weddings because of these two. Thanks to Kristin’s gorgeous aunt, matchmaker & bridesmaid – they found their perfect match in each other. They borderline have their own secret language. Its that kind of unique connection. They also have fantastic style, and with the help of an incredible team – Peirce Farm, The Inside View & Vinwood – the day was filled with fantastic style as well. I could literally go on for days, but you want to get to the pictures, so here we go!

Preparations in the 19th century mansion…

**Kristin discovered ring lighting! GORGE.

Kristin’s mom, little sis & bestie Jenna are kindred spirits, so the morning was filled with laughs and dancing and happy tears. And holy gorgeous, batman. Kristin LOVED her gown, and she was a total goddess in it. Stella York nailed it.


Kristin gave her dad the first look of the day just outside the room where Jimmy was breaking open the bottle of Bookers that he’s waited a year to drink.

Their wedding ceremony was on the lawn across from the mansion at Peirce Farm.

So this was my FAVORITE part of the day. The best. Best. Best. We planned for portraits during cocktail hour, and the time turned into something truly special. I may have broken a sweat about getting all of their portraits finished in time, but it was worth it for them to have these moments.

Congrats K&J. So much love to you…and sooooo many more pictures!

Julie & Peter’s Curtis Farm Wedding

Julie & Peter’s Curtis Farm Wedding

I’m so excited to share Julie & Peter’s Curtis Farm wedding!

Curtis Farm is the loveliest farmhouse with beautiful attached barn and rolling fields. Its just as beautiful inside, filled with character – and on this day – flowers, too. Peonies, lilacs & ivy throughout the barn and along the tables.

I was thrilled that Julie invited me to join their wedding day and capture all of the details and moments for her and Peter. She had hoped for a warm sunny day, and while the weather didn’t work out as planned, it was just as wonderful inside the barn as it would have been outside. I heard several guests remark that they had never been in such a unique space.

Julie & Peter have been together for 20 years, and decided it was time to make it official. They invited their closest family & friends to celebrate in an intimate barn wedding in Westminster, just down the road from their home (and ours!).

Days like theirs inspire me to plan a vow renewal for Ben and I…maybe we’ll wait to our 20th anniversary. There’s something so special about celebrating your love with your children. These two each have adult children of their own (7 collectively) and grandchildren as well, and celebrating their relationship and now marriage with their kids and grandkids is a true celebration of family!

So life doesn’t always go as planned, right? You might get 6 grandkids to match, but never all seven (not naming any names! hehe, still a cutie Marissa!). And maybe 5 will smile, 4 will look in the right direction and one will cry. But this picture is family, and I know that’s everything to Julie & Peter. It’s not perfect, but its perfectly theirs.

They are so blessed, and so loved.

The celebration continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening. A wedding day filled with dancing and laughs, food, family & friends. I think it was everything these two hoped it would be. I stole them from the party for a minute on my way out, and these last two pictures tell the entire story. Devotion and love. I hope you’ve enjoyed. I know I did.

Wedding Venue: Curtis Farm

Catering: Jimmy Quill

Band: Retro Stew


Kayleigh & Zach’s Winter Wedding at Harrington Farm

Kayleigh & Zach’s Winter Wedding at Harrington Farm

Our 2018 wedding season has officially started with Kayleigh & Zach at Harrington Farm in Princeton MA! If you aren’t familiar with it, Harrington Farm is a sweet farm wedding venue on the back of Wachusett Mountain, surrounded by farmland and winding country roads. It’s coziness makes it a fantastic choice for a winter wedding.

We met Kayleigh through Sophia, who’s wedding we photographed 2 years ago at Charter Oak in Hudson. These ladies are the sweetest and I loved photographing both of their weddings. Before you meet Kayleigh, I want to tell you one of my favorite wedding trends I’ve seen lately – two gowns! How gorgeous are these two dresses, both with beading and lace but so incredibly different. Glam for the important parts and comfortable for the dance floor!

Kayleigh’s 3 sisters were her MOH & bridesmaids. They helped her into her gown and all four of them (and mom!) were on top of everything so much that we were early!

Zach is about as laid-back as they come. He and Kayleigh met when they were 18, and she knew she’d marry him that very first day.

They were married by Zach’s uncle and we braved the piercing winds for some portraits outside just after the ceremony…totally worth it!

The night was filled with dinner and dancing, laughs and love. Their love is silly and sweet and honest, and it was such a pleasure to capture it all~

Kara & Adam’s Western Mass Barn Wedding

Kara & Adam’s Western Mass Barn Wedding

There’s a special intimacy to winter weddings, like Kara & Adam’s Red Barn at Hampshire College wedding in Amherst MA. Maybe its the cold outside that make winter weddings feel that much cozier inside, or maybe its knowing that everyone there loves you enough to brave single degree temperatures to celebrate the day you married the one you love.

Kara planned a rustic wine theme for their wedding and there were so many details that came together, perfectly complementing the elegant rustic feel of the Red Barn. And their flowers! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such beautiful flower arrangements. 

The day was incredibly beautiful, meaningful and fun. Here’s a glimpse into their beautiful rustic barn wedding.

Wedding Preparation LocationLord Jeffrey Inn

Wedding / Bridesmaids GownMaggie Sottero / JCrew

Kara & her girls were calm and happy when we arrived…I love when the day starts relaxed!

You’ll see lots of their flowers in this post. I can’t get over how beautiful & unique everything was…and I love that they even incorporated the rustic wine theme into Adam’s bout!

For their first look at Lord Jeffrey Inn, Adam waited on the grand staircase but couldn’t wait to see Kara. He turned to face the doorway, so he could see her approach. When their eyes met, they lit up. It was almost time to get married!

As Kara climbed out of the limo, the driver told her there was still time to change her mind, and he’d take her anywhere. Haha! I love her reaction.

They make each other laugh so easily…we had just a few minutes before we started their formals and that’s all we needed. 🙂

I LOVED their “welcome tree,” adorned with mini flower arrangements in mini vases. I’ve never seen anything like it! 

As Adam stepped forward to the front of the room, he squeezed their officiant’s hand in the sweetest gesture. He was ready.

This picture, to me, represents how their wedding ceremony felt, bathed in sunlight and happiness…

I absolutely love the rustic charm of the Red Barn at Hampshire College. It’s such a hidden gem perfect for couples looking for a unique, rustic venue for their wedding. And Samantha and her team are the best!

Their eyes stayed locked throughout most of their vows, so totally engrossed in each other and the meaning behind the words they were saying.

Ok, so you’re about to see a LOT more of their wine-themed details, from the sign-a-cork guest “book” to messages in a bottle, with bottles that will be opened and read at each appropriate anniversary. The table numbers were refinished wine bottles, custom-designed to include the table number on the front and the dinner menu on the back. The centerpieces were contained in hand-made wooden boxes, and their favors were chalkboard-bottom wine glasses complete with chalk so their guests could write their names. They had burlap signs throughout, and burlap and lace table runners. All of it was so well-planned and it came together perfectly. Kara, all of your hard work was so worth it! 

The rest of the night was filled with dancing, good food and time with good company.

Congratulations, Kara & Adam!

Tim & Laurie’s Harrington Farm Wedding

Tim & Laurie’s Harrington Farm Wedding

Know of a couple that’s ridiculously happy and silly and fun? I’d put them to the fun test against Tim & Laurie any day. These two are the awesomest of the awesome, and their Harrington Farm wedding was a perfect reflection (and celebration!) of their relationship, including its famed kickball start.

Meanwhile, Ben was hanging with Tim and his guys…

Well who doesn’t want to jump on a big ole bed in beautiful dresses!

Tim has so much energy, and always a smile on his face. Orrrrr hands in the air “what do I do with my hands?!” So I love the before and after of his first glimpse as Laurie steps in to the doorway at Our Lady of Angels…and totally stuns him.

Their wedding ceremony was beautiful, and filled with contributions from family through readings and song. But throughout the ceremony, they snuck in laughs and loves…and then danced their way out of the church. 🙂

Tim’s grandparents couldn’t make it to the wedding, so Tim & Laurie made a special trip to them! It was such an incredibly thoughtful moment, and I’m so glad to have captured it for them. They presented Tim’s grandmother with flowers from the ceremony, and I love the expression of shock and happiness. And if I’m being honest, the picture of her hands gripping Tim & Laurie’s still brings tears to my eyes.

We arrived at Harrington Farm just as the rain did, but that didn’t slow these two down.

These two met on the kickball field, and the wedding wouldn’t be complete without a nod to their beginnings – with a “team” photo shoot and a little friendly game of kickball between bride & groom.

As the sun set, we skipped back over to the field and adventured down a dirt road for a few more photos before cocktail hour. I love these of Laurie and her veil – thank you to the bus driver for assisting with a nice accent light to the picture on the right!

Apple pie instead of cake! A genius fall swap.

Tim & Laurie, the two of you radiate love and kindness, and your wedding was a spot-on testiment to your relationship. All the happiness in the world to the two of you. See you soon, friends 🙂

Emily & Brandon’s Tent Wedding at Zukas Hilltop Barn

Emily & Brandon’s Tent Wedding at Zukas Hilltop Barn

I recently headed back to one of my happy places, Zukas Hilltop Barn, to photograph Emily & Brandon’s fall wedding day. If you follow my blog, you probably know that Zukas is where Ben and I were married 7 years ago – I’ve been fortunate to photograph many weddings there since (thanks to Alyson’s preferred vendor list!), and they never disappoint. Each time I’m back they’ve somehow found a way to improve upon the last amazing wedding. Most recently this year with their new chavari chairs, which are gorgeous under the twinkle lights in the tent.

The foliage outside the bridal suite was insane…so had to light up the dress to make it pop against the fall colors! Brandon and Emily had their first look behind the fireplace in the main hall. I love the smile on his face as he waits – eyes closed – listening to Emily get closer.

After family & wedding party formals, we made our way through Zukas, from the tent (love those twinkle lights!) to the garden room (I think that’s what they call it) to braving the rain and mud outside for shots in the barn (Emily you are the best!).


Time to get married! Their ceremony was short and sweet, and they spent the rest of the evening enjoying time with their family & friends.

The centerpieces doubled as favors. In the handmade wooden boxes, were candied apples! Pretty awesome.

Brandon couldn’t keep his eyes off his new wife. He’s such a teddy bear, and has so much love for this little lady!

Speaking of Brandon being a teddy bear, it melted my heart 1000% seeing him with his grandmother. He was so incredibly sweet and caring with her, it was beautiful to watch.

And then it was party time. Pretty sure this wedding wins the “make crazy faces at the photog” award – haha, still laughing as I look through them.

Congratulations Emily & Brandon!

Wedding VenueZukas Hilltop Barn

Wedding GownSophia Tolli

Hair StylistRachel, Salon 484