Bill & Jacquie’s QuonQuont Farm Wedding – Western Mass

Bill & Jacquie’s QuonQuont Farm Wedding – Western Mass

If you like farm or estate weddings, then you’re going to love Jacquie & Bill’s at QuonQuont Farm & Orchard wedding. We have the pleasure of being on QuonQuont’s Preferred Vendor list, and they are absolutely on our Preferred Venue List. This venue – with its perfect blend of high-end details and rustic farm charm – is absolutely magical.

Jacquie got ready with her girls in the Farmhouse at Quonquont, which is basically a candy store for photographers. There’s a never-ending supply of props to accentuate the details shots, and tall windows that let lots of light into the living room, where Jacquie got into her gown. I love her bridesmaids peeking in through the doorway while her mom and best friend helped her get dressed.

Meanwhile it was bowties and ’boutes for Bill and the guys at the barn. And a pre-game huddle!

Jacquie stepped away from everyone (as did Bill too!) for a few minutes to read the card Bill wrote to her. It was such a beautiful moment, as she alternated from teary-eyed to laughs.

Bill & Jacquie’s outdoor wedding ceremony overlooked the blueberry field at Quonquont Farm, and the arbor they were married in front of was hand-constructed and worked beautifully with the surrounding.

When getting married at an apple orchard, let’s eat apples!

I was so impressed with Seth Mias Catering! Couples often miss out on the passed apps while they’re taking pictures, but not with Seth Mias Catering looking out for them. A server came all the way out to the field with an incredible array of food for Bill & Jacquie. And the food is just as delicious as it is pretty!

I love everything about this picture of their first dance – Bill’s expression, Jacquie’s gown and the lighting…

Jacquie & Bill slipped away from the party for a few quiet minutes and a couple of evening portraits. The night was beautiful and we spent a little more time than usual, choosing several different spots for pictures, including the school bus shuttle. And it was totally worth it.

Congratulations Jacquie & Bill! Your wedding was magical, filled with so much love, kindness and happiness. Exactly like the two of you.

Hair StylistBrielle Catellier

Makeup ArtistKristhle Hernandez

InvitationsJennifer Ballou
Steve & Karen’s Salem Cross Inn Wedding

Steve & Karen’s Salem Cross Inn Wedding

Karen & Steve’s Salem Cross Inn Wedding was such an incredibly happy event filled with warmth, love and pretty flowers. They chose the perfect Sunday afternoon for their wedding – the ceremony was outdoors in front of Salem Cross Inn’s gazebo and beautiful gardens, followed by hayrides for all before heading in to the barn for dinner and dancing. Here are some of my favorite moments from their wedding day.

Salem Cross Inn created all of the bouquets and floral arrangements using flowers grown on their land. Karen loves flowers, and created a beautiful flower wedding theme for the wedding which extended from the beautiful floral overlay on her light pink gown (how gorgeous is her gown?!), to her jewelry to the place cards which were written on plantable flower-seed paper.

Karen was absolutely radiant, and I don’t think I caught her for a moment without a smile.

I love (and have photographed!) so many from this wonderful family (including bridesmaid and flower girl here), so it was such an honor and a pleasure to capture Karen & Steve’s wedding. Her son’s walked her down the aisle, and Steve’s son Chris (you can see his wedding to Libby here) stood with him as his best man.

I love Steve’s expression as he watches Karen approach.

So so happy! I can’t help but smile the every time I look at their pictures.

Wedding party hayride!

I love the rustic feel of the barn at Salem Cross Inn, where Karen & Steve’s wedding reception was.

Steve’s expression in this next picture pretty much sums up why I love photographing weddings. Pure happiness and love.

As a special treat for their guests, Steve & Karen invited their guests up for homemade apple crisp, with a special dollup of whipped cream.

Karen has so many amazing girlfriends. I loved hearing about her different groups of friends, and why they mean so much to her. This wedding day was filled with so much love and support. Congratulations to Karen & Steve!

Wedding VenueSalem Cross Inn

Hair StylistJessica Mansfield

Jen & Billy’s Gibbet Hill Wedding

Jen & Billy’s Gibbet Hill Wedding

Jen & Billy’s Gibbet Hill wedding in Groton MA is without a doubt one of the most entertaining wedding we’ve photographed. It also happened to be spectacularly beautiful – a beautiful sun-shiney day at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, a venue with so much rustic chic charm, enhanced by the rustic details like the burlap napkins and table runners, sunflower bouquets and centerpieces, and chalkboard signs.

They started off the day at the Westford Regency for hair and makeup before heading to Gibbet Hill.

As I headed out to Gibbet Hill, I glanced down and saw a HEART in the bricks… Hopeless romantic over here 🙂

The sun broke through the clouds just before their ceremony…

As a mom, I am always so touched when couples choose to include a tribute to their moms, like Jen & Billy did.

Their wedding party was straight awesome. And how much do you love the sunflower+boots combo on the girls?!

Ok, warning – there are a crazy number of adorable-Billy-&-Jen-portraits coming up. They are just too cute, and were so happy for some alone time together before the party got started. Plus the light was amazing, and Gibbet Hill is gorgeous sooooo….

The two of them practiced their first dance in the field…based on this, we thought it was going to be a sweet slow dance. We thought wrong! More on this in a bit.

Have I mentioned yet how Gibbet Hill is an absolutely perfect wedding venue for brides looking for a rustic, yet elegant barn wedding venue in Massachusetts. So much character, charm and class. And the food & staff are top-notch.

And then it was time for Jen & Billy’s first dance in the barn at Gibbet Hill. Sure it started slow, like the preview Ben and I got in the field…but it didn’t stay slow for long! I’ve never seen two people move around a dancefloor as much as these two.

And then the speeches, kicked off by Jen’s two best friends. Who wrote up the best Bridesmaids-esque (the movie) speech. It was hilarious!

During dinner, Ben and I like to break out our Westcott ice light for some fancy ring shots. This is the part of the night where guests think I’m robbing the bride & groom. I swear I give them back! But not before making some beautiful ring pictures…

And then time for Billy’s roast by his dad!

Next came desserts and DANCING. Billy & Jen had a whole dessert spread by the amazing Konditor Meister (where our wedding cake was from too!), and I have to say that their wedding band – Business Time – is one of my new favorites. The dance floor was rockin in .2 seconds. Plus they’re all around nice guys too.

Party tip…spin a shoe to choose the next center-dancer!

Just before we left, we snuck outside with Jen & Billy for a few last portraits.

And then she sent us on our way with a box of goodies to go. Love love love her for this, they were amazing. I’m such a sweet tooth but would have never indulged without her insistence. Thank you again, Jen. You are the sweetest! I hope you enjoyed this preview, there are so many more incredible pictures coming your way very soon!

Wedding GownVows Watertown

Bridesmaid GownsTarget!

Makeup & HairTeal Hair Studio
Kathleen & Damon’s Hyatt Harborside Boston Wedding

Kathleen & Damon’s Hyatt Harborside Boston Wedding

Damon and Kathleen’s Boston Hyatt Harborside wedding was summertime perfection – they were married on the lawn outside the Hyatt in East Boston, which overlook Boston Harbor. This is most definitely the best view of Boston, and made for an incredible backdrop for their “I do’s”.

Ben and I were beyond thrilled to spend the day with these two and their family & friends. They’re incredibly laid back and super fun. I don’t think I caught either of them without a smile on their face at any point in the day. Oh and their adorable pup Ralph (yes, he’s a Wheaton Terrier) who joined them at their engagement session, was the ring bearer! As if that weren’t enough to be excited about, there were so many familiar faces, from college friends (Umass and the Arlington crew!) to past wedding couples (the beautiful MOH may look familiar, I photographed Erin & Patrick’s wedding in 2011!). Also, one of our new favorite Boston bands, and Kathleen’s beautiful lace wedding gown! Ok, I’m going to stop here and just let you enjoy the pictures.

She’s just stunning.

Her dad got the real “first look” before Kathleen headed out to see Damon (and Ralph!).

Kathleen was so excited for the first look with her handsome boy. She was also excited to see Damon. hehe!

Lots of love to you two, and Ralph!

Doug & Jess’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

Doug & Jess’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

Zukas Hilltop Barn is one of the most beautiful barn wedding venues in New England. Ben and I were married there 7 years ago, and had the pleasure of photographing Jess & Doug’s Zukas wedding on our anniversary weekend this year. The day was perfection, as it always seems to be at Zukas – from the weather, to the ambience in the tent to the service and the food. They get it perfect every time.

Jess & Doug are some of the nicest people you’ll meet, and so I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day for a long time. I love the mix of elegance meets rustic that came together for their wedding day. Here are some of my favorite details, moments & portraits from their beautiful wedding day at Zukas…

Both Jess & Doug got ready on the property at Zukas. I love that they have separate locations for the guys and the girls. These two chose to have a first look, so here Doug waits patiently for his bride as she makes her way from the spa/bridal suite.

Getting ready for the ceremony, under a perfectly blue sky with perfectly white clouds.

Jess’s Uncle David officiated their outdoor wedding ceremony and kept it short and sweet so we could skip out for a few more photos of just the bride and groom before they headed in for cocktail hour in the barn.

This one is for Doug’s Dad…

The 85 1.2 lens plus a long hallway of ivy…

The wedding favors were jarred candles with a picture (taken by moi) from their engagement session – apple pie and coconut lime scents. Thank you again for surprising us with some on our way out, Jess! We love them.

Lynn, Allyson & team at Zukas have thought of everything, from the black & white checkered dancefloor (love the update this year!) to details as small as the pitchers of water they place out, complete without a touch of mint & lemon.

Jess & Doug worked for month perfecting their first dance, and they pulled it off perfectly!

Rings on the cover of their engagement guest book…

Wedding VenueZukas Hilltop Barn

Makeup ArtistLindsay Cadrin

Hair StylistJenn Nelson

Jackie & Steve’s Cape Cod Wedding Orleans MA

Jackie & Steve’s Cape Cod Wedding Orleans MA

Today is all about Jackie & Steve’s Cape Cod wedding in Orleans MA. Their beach wedding plans were all about family and friends, and just having a fantastic time on the Cape, and that’s exactly what they did. The weather cooperated 100% and they had their ceremony at Skaket Beach in Orleans, and continued the celebration just down the road at their Captain Linnell House wedding reception. This was our first time at this adorable beach estate venue on the Cape, and it was such a wonderful experience – the food, service and atmosphere was top-notch.

Without further adieu, here’s more of Jackie & Steve’s day! …

Ceremony LocationSkaket Beach

These guys were hilarious…lightly inappropriate at times, but hilarious. I kind of appreciated the complete candor. Made me feel like one of the guys. 🙂 And I won’t point fingers at the guy who can’t tie a tie. But you know who you are!

Onto the girls – these ladies were instant friends as I figured they’d be from getting to know Jackie. And her beautiful mom is a friend and former coworker from a past life (was there life before photography?!), so it was extra special to me to be a part of the day with these wonderful and inviting people.

Gorgeous girls! The fuschia peonies complemented the purple of their gowns perfectly, and looked amazing on the beach.

Speaking of the beach, Jackie wanted a “kick off your shoes” wedding on Skaket Beach, so that’s just what she got. My shoes are happily in there as well!

Their Skaket Beach wedding ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect, officiated by Jackie’s uncle Kevin with the backdrop of pure blue skies, sun and sand.

The sun can be harsh at 5:00 in the summer, so Ben and I popped down to the beach earlier that day and discovered this gem of a side road, with the most beautiful afternoon light. With that amazing light and no one else around, these might be my favorite pictures from the day.

The lace wrapped around her bouquet is from her mom’s wedding gown!

After pictures it was time for dinner and dancing at their Captain Linnell House wedding reception.

The Captain Linnell House is an old estate, so dinner was divided up into several dining rooms giving the wedding a great, intimate feeling. Oh when we were at the beach earlier in the day we scooped up a little beach wood for the ring shot. Lit with my ice light of course!

First time I’ve ever seen an all-male congo line! I hope this becomes a trend every time “Its Raining Men” is played. Guys, let’s make this happen more often.

Who wouldn’t LOVE an old school ice cream truck showing up at the end of the wedding?! Jackie and Steve hopped in to help him out….

And this photo preeeeetty much sums up the night. High fives, happiness & love to Jackie & Steve.

Katie & Ryan’s Gibbet Hill Farm wedding : Groton MA photographer

Katie & Ryan’s Gibbet Hill Farm wedding : Groton MA photographer

Oh boy, this Gibbet Hill wedding highlight is going to be a long one. I’ve been looking forward to Katie & Ryan’s wedding at Gibbet Hill in Groton for what feels like foreverrrrrrr. These two live way up in Conway NH and have been planning their wedding from afar. Its funny, despite the distance, Katie and I developed an instant bond. I think it started when I woo’ed her mom and auntie. “What did you do to mom and auntie?!” I will laugh about that email for a long time.

This was “Country Elegance” at its finest at Gibbet Hill, one of my favorite venues perfect for New England brides looking for a unique barn wedding venue with rustic elegance. Mason jars and galvanized buckets, beautiful flowers, cowgirl boots, and burlap tied the theme in perfectly, but this gooorgeous girlie girl definitely still needed her 4″ pink heels!

Katie and Ryan had a line dance planned for their wedding party after intros so the ladies practiced their moves while Katie’s mom helped her into her gown. The JP ran a bit late so while the guests and Ryan enjoyed the beautiful September day, the girls played catchphrase (one of my faves!) to keep Katie entertained. She kept her cool and laughed with her girls while she waited for the word that it was time to get married.

During the ceremony, Katie & Ryan asked that each guest make a wish on a pebble and drop it into a wish jar for them. This is the first time I’ve seen this, I loved it. From there it was effortless pictures and on to the celebration – the wedding party totally rocked the line dance, Ryan & Katie skipped the cake and had a “first scoop” at the ice cream bar instead (crazy amounts of toppings including marshmellow sauce. Umm YUM).

Katie’s MOH said during the speech that Katie had told her during college (U-U-U-UMass!) that “happily ever after” for her was “to meet an amazing guy, move up to the woods in NH, get married and have babies.” She’s definitely found it in Ryan. Sounds pretty perfect, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them and their next adventure together.

Jeff & Heather’s Citizen Wedding Worcester MA

Jeff & Heather’s Citizen Wedding Worcester MA

If you’re browsing our website and you’re looking for an inspiring, seriously-styled wedding, well my friend, you’ve just found it. Jeff & Heather’s Citizen Wine Bar wedding in Worcester had a vintage americana theme carried beautifully throughout. From the color palette of red, white and blue, to the newspaper accents (fitting since Jeff works at the Providence Journal) and the vintage/restored touches by this DIY maven.

Heather put a lot of time into the details here, and it really showed. As a super-visual person, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But wow did it all come together and wow was it impressive. The theme was not only stylish, fun and colorful, but totally them. In addition to being super crafty, I’m pretty sure Heather’s also someone who can pull off red lipstick anywhere, anytime. She just can. She’s got sass and I love how she expressed it with the short gown, veil change (traditional to birdcage…love!), netting weaved into her beautiful curls and RED heels.

Add in a great wedding party and amazing locations – Bancroft Tower in Worcester for their wedding ceremony and The Citizen Wine Bar for wedding reception – and this ends up being one of my most favorite weddings. Enjoy!