Julie & Peter’s Curtis Farm Wedding

Julie & Peter’s Curtis Farm Wedding

I’m so excited to share Julie & Peter’s Curtis Farm wedding!

Curtis Farm is the loveliest farmhouse with beautiful attached barn and rolling fields. Its just as beautiful inside, filled with character – and on this day – flowers, too. Peonies, lilacs & ivy throughout the barn and along the tables.

I was thrilled that Julie invited me to join their wedding day and capture all of the details and moments for her and Peter. She had hoped for a warm sunny day, and while the weather didn’t work out as planned, it was just as wonderful inside the barn as it would have been outside. I heard several guests remark that they had never been in such a unique space.

Julie & Peter have been together for 20 years, and decided it was time to make it official. They invited their closest family & friends to celebrate in an intimate barn wedding in Westminster, just down the road from their home (and ours!).

Days like theirs inspire me to plan a vow renewal for Ben and I…maybe we’ll wait to our 20th anniversary. There’s something so special about celebrating your love with your children. These two each have adult children of their own (7 collectively) and grandchildren as well, and celebrating their relationship and now marriage with their kids and grandkids is a true celebration of family!

So life doesn’t always go as planned, right? You might get 6 grandkids to match, but never all seven (not naming any names! hehe, still a cutie Marissa!). And maybe 5 will smile, 4 will look in the right direction and one will cry. But this picture is family, and I know that’s everything to Julie & Peter. It’s not perfect, but its perfectly theirs.

They are so blessed, and so loved.

The celebration continued throughout the afternoon and into the evening. A wedding day filled with dancing and laughs, food, family & friends. I think it was everything these two hoped it would be. I stole them from the party for a minute on my way out, and these last two pictures tell the entire story. Devotion and love. I hope you’ve enjoyed. I know I did.

Wedding Venue: Curtis Farm

Catering: Jimmy Quill

Band: Retro Stew


Kara & Adam’s Western Mass Barn Wedding

Kara & Adam’s Western Mass Barn Wedding

There’s a special intimacy to winter weddings, like Kara & Adam’s Red Barn at Hampshire College wedding in Amherst MA. Maybe its the cold outside that make winter weddings feel that much cozier inside, or maybe its knowing that everyone there loves you enough to brave single degree temperatures to celebrate the day you married the one you love.

Kara planned a rustic wine theme for their wedding and there were so many details that came together, perfectly complementing the elegant rustic feel of the Red Barn. And their flowers! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such beautiful flower arrangements. 

The day was incredibly beautiful, meaningful and fun. Here’s a glimpse into their beautiful rustic barn wedding.

Wedding Preparation LocationLord Jeffrey Inn

Wedding / Bridesmaids GownMaggie Sottero / JCrew

Kara & her girls were calm and happy when we arrived…I love when the day starts relaxed!

You’ll see lots of their flowers in this post. I can’t get over how beautiful & unique everything was…and I love that they even incorporated the rustic wine theme into Adam’s bout!

For their first look at Lord Jeffrey Inn, Adam waited on the grand staircase but couldn’t wait to see Kara. He turned to face the doorway, so he could see her approach. When their eyes met, they lit up. It was almost time to get married!

As Kara climbed out of the limo, the driver told her there was still time to change her mind, and he’d take her anywhere. Haha! I love her reaction.

They make each other laugh so easily…we had just a few minutes before we started their formals and that’s all we needed. 🙂

I LOVED their “welcome tree,” adorned with mini flower arrangements in mini vases. I’ve never seen anything like it! 

As Adam stepped forward to the front of the room, he squeezed their officiant’s hand in the sweetest gesture. He was ready.

This picture, to me, represents how their wedding ceremony felt, bathed in sunlight and happiness…

I absolutely love the rustic charm of the Red Barn at Hampshire College. It’s such a hidden gem perfect for couples looking for a unique, rustic venue for their wedding. And Samantha and her team are the best!

Their eyes stayed locked throughout most of their vows, so totally engrossed in each other and the meaning behind the words they were saying.

Ok, so you’re about to see a LOT more of their wine-themed details, from the sign-a-cork guest “book” to messages in a bottle, with bottles that will be opened and read at each appropriate anniversary. The table numbers were refinished wine bottles, custom-designed to include the table number on the front and the dinner menu on the back. The centerpieces were contained in hand-made wooden boxes, and their favors were chalkboard-bottom wine glasses complete with chalk so their guests could write their names. They had burlap signs throughout, and burlap and lace table runners. All of it was so well-planned and it came together perfectly. Kara, all of your hard work was so worth it! 

The rest of the night was filled with dancing, good food and time with good company.

Congratulations, Kara & Adam!

Bill & Jacquie’s QuonQuont Farm Wedding – Western Mass

Bill & Jacquie’s QuonQuont Farm Wedding – Western Mass

If you like farm or estate weddings, then you’re going to love Jacquie & Bill’s at QuonQuont Farm & Orchard wedding. We have the pleasure of being on QuonQuont’s Preferred Vendor list, and they are absolutely on our Preferred Venue List. This venue – with its perfect blend of high-end details and rustic farm charm – is absolutely magical.

Jacquie got ready with her girls in the Farmhouse at Quonquont, which is basically a candy store for photographers. There’s a never-ending supply of props to accentuate the details shots, and tall windows that let lots of light into the living room, where Jacquie got into her gown. I love her bridesmaids peeking in through the doorway while her mom and best friend helped her get dressed.

Meanwhile it was bowties and ’boutes for Bill and the guys at the barn. And a pre-game huddle!

Jacquie stepped away from everyone (as did Bill too!) for a few minutes to read the card Bill wrote to her. It was such a beautiful moment, as she alternated from teary-eyed to laughs.

Bill & Jacquie’s outdoor wedding ceremony overlooked the blueberry field at Quonquont Farm, and the arbor they were married in front of was hand-constructed and worked beautifully with the surrounding.

When getting married at an apple orchard, let’s eat apples!

I was so impressed with Seth Mias Catering! Couples often miss out on the passed apps while they’re taking pictures, but not with Seth Mias Catering looking out for them. A server came all the way out to the field with an incredible array of food for Bill & Jacquie. And the food is just as delicious as it is pretty!

I love everything about this picture of their first dance – Bill’s expression, Jacquie’s gown and the lighting…

Jacquie & Bill slipped away from the party for a few quiet minutes and a couple of evening portraits. The night was beautiful and we spent a little more time than usual, choosing several different spots for pictures, including the school bus shuttle. And it was totally worth it.

Congratulations Jacquie & Bill! Your wedding was magical, filled with so much love, kindness and happiness. Exactly like the two of you.

Hair StylistBrielle Catellier

Makeup ArtistKristhle Hernandez

InvitationsJennifer Ballou
Chad & Jessica’s Red Barn Wedding – Amherst MA

Chad & Jessica’s Red Barn Wedding – Amherst MA

Red Barn at Hampshire College is now officially one of my favorite wedding venues in Massachusetts – it has all of my favorite wedding day photography loves including the red barn, rolling fields, amazing food and a phenomenal staff. Oh and its in Amherst, home of my alma mater. Major bonus points. More on The Red Barn soon, but wait until you see Chad & Jessica’s beautiful wedding. This day was so much fun to be a part of – these two are incredibly kind and fun, as are their friends & family. Ben and I were welcomed in at Jessica’s parents’ house in Holyoke, and the day started off right. The church in Holyoke they were married in was huge and gorgeous.

The agenda for pictures? First stop at Nick’s Nest, a top-notch hot dog stand. There were two prestine hot rods, and the owners felt inspired to offer a duel to the couple – who’s car did they like the best and want pictures with? That’s a duel I’m happy to be a part of any day! So they tried them both out, as well as a hot dog, before we headed to the base of Mt Tom for a few pictures, the spot of their first date.  Then on to The Red Barn at Hampshire College. This was our first time here. I was looking forward to this one, and they exceeded our high expectations. The grounds and barn are gorgeous. The food and beer spread they had was impressive. I loved Jessica & Chad’s flowers, complete with J&C tags, a surprise from their florist!

Lawn games outside, dinner and dancing inside. We even snuck out for a few perfectly-timed sparkler & sunset shots. The most perfect day, congratulations Jessica & Chad. These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg of what we have to share with you!

Wedding Picture Pit-StopNick’s Nest

Makeup & Hair StylistsOchoa Salon