Greg + Erin’s Western MA Backyard Tent Wedding

Greg + Erin’s Western MA Backyard Tent Wedding

Today is for Greg & Erin.

They planned a backyard wedding in Athol MA, where Greg grew up. Erin put SO much planning into the tent. Backyard weddings can be a lot of work. There’s so much coordination that has to happen, from the caterers to the tent to the napkins, chairs, bar. You name it. That doesn’t even begin to get into decor. Erin did it all. She had a vision that she would tell me about, as it evolved, over the year+ she spent planning. It was beautiful. I could picture it completely, and I loved it. She was so nervous to see if it would all come together the way she envisioned. Greg is her rock, and I’m sure talked her through it all countless times throughout the process.

The morning before their wedding, I get a simple but vague email from Erin that said that there was a “change of plans” with the tent, but that hopefully everything should work out ok.

I learned that what the email actually meant was that the rental company had completely bailed the day before their wedding. Meaning none of the rentals they paid for would be delivered. All at the default of the rental company. I cannot even imagine what that day must have been like. Their family & friends rallied around them to figure it out. Moms hopped on the phone, Dads called in favors, their wedding party was there for whatever they needed. They say it takes a village to raise a child (which it definitely does!), and in this case, their village moved mountains to re-plan a wedding within 12 hours. Thanks to the help of THESE INCREDIBLE RENTAL COMPANIES, they recreated everything she had put a year into planning.

Tents and benches, chairs & a handmade (day-before!) bar, tables, heating lamps, you name it. DONE. They did it. Erin told me the day of her wedding that she couldn’t even look at the tent. She hoped I’d be able to “make it look good” because she couldn’t bear to look. Her efforts, and the stress, and their hopes were all wrapped up in one.

Greg & Erin were relaxed and happy on their wedding day, focused on what the day was really about: marrying each other, best friends. The chaos of the day before brought a sweet calm to the wedding day. And it was magical. 100% magical, from start to finish. You’d never have known there were any troubles. AT ALL.

Erin, I hope you look at these pictures and see more than you ever hoped for. You deserve it, beautiful lady. The day was beyond incredible.

The day started at The Colonial Hotel in North Central Mass…I’m going to breeze through the preparations because I need to get you outside.

Photography was really important to both Erin & Greg, and when Greg mentioned Clamber Hill Inn as an option for portraits, it was an easy YES. You’ll see why. So these were my very first portraits of the day. The are so cute together, and make each other laugh A LOT. These pictures basically set the tone for the day…also, how gorgeous are they?

Real life Barbie & Ken.

Epic photo-bomb, orchestrated by the Inn’s owner!

Erin & Greg dreamt of a backyard wedding…but they didn’t have the backyard for it! So they called in a favor to their friends at Ellinwood Golf Club to borrow theirs.

Greg was adorable, and alternated from tears to laughs throughout the ceremony and reception. I loved the emotion, it was so sweet and loving and appreciative.

Lol…the longer I look at his nose, wedged up in her eye, the harder I laugh.

Erin & Greg met at Ellinwood Golf Club where he was a member and she was the beer girl. SO cute!

Thinking about the day before, you’d just never know. Never. It was one of the most beautiful tent weddings we’ve ever photographed.

Even the bathroom signs are cute!

The day was so fun, and so joy-filled. It felt like a day spent celebrating with friends. Congrats E+G, we love you guys!

Anna-Rae + Anthony’s Publick House Tent Wedding

Anna-Rae + Anthony’s Publick House Tent Wedding

I get asked pretty regularly: “What if it rains on our wedding day?” Anna-Rae & Anthony’s Publick House tent wedding in Sturbridge will demonstrate the answer. This 2018 wedding season has quite possibly been the rainiest we’ve seen. But we’ve yet to see a washout…so our first suggestion is: don’t sweat it. It will work out.

Anna-Rae loves all things girlie – sparkle and ruffle and pink. My kind of girl. I’m obsessed with her Jimmy Choo heels. It doesn’t get more glam than that. We first met her when we photographed her cousin Jess’s Zukas Hilltop Barn wedding in 2014, so I was thrilled when she called me for hers! She’s a sweetheart, and Anthony became a quick friend. I love the difference in moments as they got ready – tears & sentiment with the ladies, and laughing & drinks with the guys!

So remember we talked about rain? Well, these two had enough time for their first look and the majority of family pictures in record time before the DARKEST clouds I’ve ever seen rolled in. Lightning and all. So instead of outdoor pictures before the ceremony, we had a blast taking pictures indoors while it poured outside. It was a total celebration of family & friends, and no one cared for a moment about the weather outside.

I love that she stopped to kiss her mom on her way down the aisle.

Their plan was an outdoor ceremony, but the rain forced the ceremony under the tent. Which leads me to my second rain suggestion: keep an eye out for ways to improve your Plan B. We’ll help! Just before the ceremony, we suggested the tent sides be tied back to let the beautiful greenery show. Thanks to Jess for helping make this happen! It made for a beautiful backdrop for their sweet ceremony.

Anna-Rae & Anthony were married by Deb Edgerton, who is Anna-Rae’s religious mentor. They’ve done mission trips & taught Sunday School together. #angels.

Just days before, I was telling a friend that we had never photographed a wedding with a horse-drawn carriage. Not even kidding. I was so excited when Anna-Rae told me there would be one at their wedding! They booked it to not only take her to the ceremony, but also to give rides to guests during cocktail hour. How cool is that?! But A+A got the first ride.

Another rainy-day suggestion: Be flexible. We planned to take all of their portraits before the wedding, but the weather was PERFECTION during cocktail hour. So in just a few minutes, we captured some beautiful outdoor portraits. Kudos to the best-behaved wedding party EVER. I had zero faith that they would all be ready once A+A returned from their carriage ride. Especially considering how big this party was! But every. single. person. was present and ready for pictures. You guys rock.

The tent was ready for dinner & dancing, filled with tall, romantic centerpieces & sparkly gold table numbers and tablecloths. Anna-Rae’s smile during their first dance is everything.

These two met in college, and she realized quick that he was the nicest person she’d ever known. They’ve worked so hard over the years, and have grown so much since their college days. This was a big moment for them, and they were both beyond excited to celebrate with the people who mean so much to them. I loved catching the little glances they gave to each other throughout the night. The look that says “yep, you’re my one.”

Before we get to the dancing, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite details. Since their wedding was on 8|18|18 they incorporated an infinity theme throughout on signage, and even etched into Anthony’s wedding band (photo towards the end of the highlight). They had their favorite love quotes throughout the tent, and they had a photo memorial table for loved ones. The photo table had pictures in celebration of their parents and grandparents, and they also had a polaroid and album on hand for new memories.

And then the dance floor opened up. YESSSS.

What an incredible day – every minute. Congratulations A+A. We loved celebrating your marriage, and have so many more pictures to share!

Wedding Venue: Publick House, Sturbridge MA

Officiant: Deb Edgerton

DJ: Champagne Toast

Florist: Lori D’Antonino

Wedding Gown: Madison James via Elizabeth Anne’s Bridal

Cake Artist: The Publick House Historic Inn Bake Shoppe

Hair & Makeup: The Hair Gallery

Kathleen & Damon’s Hyatt Harborside Boston Wedding

Kathleen & Damon’s Hyatt Harborside Boston Wedding

Damon and Kathleen’s Boston Hyatt Harborside wedding was summertime perfection – they were married on the lawn outside the Hyatt in East Boston, which overlook Boston Harbor. This is most definitely the best view of Boston, and made for an incredible backdrop for their “I do’s”.

Ben and I were beyond thrilled to spend the day with these two and their family & friends. They’re incredibly laid back and super fun. I don’t think I caught either of them without a smile on their face at any point in the day. Oh and their adorable pup Ralph (yes, he’s a Wheaton Terrier) who joined them at their engagement session, was the ring bearer! As if that weren’t enough to be excited about, there were so many familiar faces, from college friends (Umass and the Arlington crew!) to past wedding couples (the beautiful MOH may look familiar, I photographed Erin & Patrick’s wedding in 2011!). Also, one of our new favorite Boston bands, and Kathleen’s beautiful lace wedding gown! Ok, I’m going to stop here and just let you enjoy the pictures.

She’s just stunning.

Her dad got the real “first look” before Kathleen headed out to see Damon (and Ralph!).

Kathleen was so excited for the first look with her handsome boy. She was also excited to see Damon. hehe!

Lots of love to you two, and Ralph!

Doug & Jess’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

Doug & Jess’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

Zukas Hilltop Barn is one of the most beautiful barn wedding venues in New England. Ben and I were married there 7 years ago, and had the pleasure of photographing Jess & Doug’s Zukas wedding on our anniversary weekend this year. The day was perfection, as it always seems to be at Zukas – from the weather, to the ambience in the tent to the service and the food. They get it perfect every time.

Jess & Doug are some of the nicest people you’ll meet, and so I’ve been looking forward to their wedding day for a long time. I love the mix of elegance meets rustic that came together for their wedding day. Here are some of my favorite details, moments & portraits from their beautiful wedding day at Zukas…

Both Jess & Doug got ready on the property at Zukas. I love that they have separate locations for the guys and the girls. These two chose to have a first look, so here Doug waits patiently for his bride as she makes her way from the spa/bridal suite.

Getting ready for the ceremony, under a perfectly blue sky with perfectly white clouds.

Jess’s Uncle David officiated their outdoor wedding ceremony and kept it short and sweet so we could skip out for a few more photos of just the bride and groom before they headed in for cocktail hour in the barn.

This one is for Doug’s Dad…

The 85 1.2 lens plus a long hallway of ivy…

The wedding favors were jarred candles with a picture (taken by moi) from their engagement session – apple pie and coconut lime scents. Thank you again for surprising us with some on our way out, Jess! We love them.

Lynn, Allyson & team at Zukas have thought of everything, from the black & white checkered dancefloor (love the update this year!) to details as small as the pitchers of water they place out, complete without a touch of mint & lemon.

Jess & Doug worked for month perfecting their first dance, and they pulled it off perfectly!

Rings on the cover of their engagement guest book…

Wedding VenueZukas Hilltop Barn

Makeup ArtistLindsay Cadrin

Hair StylistJenn Nelson

Wachusett Mountain Wedding

Wachusett Mountain Wedding

We’re so fortunate to be one of Wachusett Mountain‘s preferred wedding photographers – I mean, how cool is it to get married on the top of a mountain?! Or in Jen & Alex’s case here, have their first look on the top of a mountain. So incredibly romantic and unique. Missy and the ladies at Wachusett do a phenomenal job, making sure each wedding goes off without a hitch. And the food is absolutely incredible! For anyone looking for a unique wedding venue in Massachusetts / New England, this is definitely one to take a look at. Beyond the amazing view and chance to get married on a mountain in Massachusetts, they offer a beautiful fabric-lined tent or nordic lodge, and a lakeside ceremony site.

Without further adieu, here’s a glimpse at what its like to get married there, told through Jen & Alex’s beautiful wedding album design:

Wedding Venue: Wachusett Mountain